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There is always much to be done.

Knowing this, PHRANC has re-authorized a Certification Exam Task Force to improve the exam, create a study guide, and formalize the training program. We are seeking involvement in the current and future membership of PHRANC for at least two (potentially more) Task Force positions and an unlimited number of Subject Matter Expert (SME) positions. Taskforce members must be members of PHRANC who have passed the Certification Exam, and it is preferred that SME positions are PHRANC members if located in North Carolina. If interested, please email [email protected], providing your email, phone number, and other relevant contact information; certification and membership status in PHRANC; building industry credentials, and any area(s) of expertise.


The Back Story

Nearly 18 years ago, the PHRANC certification exam was launched to continue the lean but substantial long term investment by PHRANC in “raising the standards” of single-family housing rehabilitation. Prior to PHRANCs founding in 1993, the results of publicly-funded housing rehabilitation in North Carolina were all-too-often disappointing to funding agencies, local authorities, and the homeowners and occupants who were meant to benefit most directly from public investment in housing infrastructure.