Membership Matters

PHRANC membership puts you at the head of the class. It puts you at the top of the list and in great demand. PHRANC membership matters when you need to demonstrate authentic subject matter expertise backed by industry-recognized credentials. PHRANC membership matters when building a team of qualified tradesmen or your job requires accurate specs and in-depth product knowledge. PHRANC is your job coach, your professional association, your ladder to success in professional development. Apprentice to Journeyman networking opportunities. We share job notifications, contracting opportunities, and technical assistance brought to you by Industry recognized experts.

Your membership in PHRANC matters. It includes conference discounts, scholarship opportunities, and participation in association business meetings. Membership is global, and can cover wherever you are at. Annual membership dues are $40 for voting members and $50.00 for Associates. Memberships expire in October of each year. If your membership expired in 2017 or before, renew now. Only paid members are listed on the annual membership roster. If you’re not a member of PHRANC, join now. Together we build better communities.

Membership Criteria

To Join PHRANC, you may:

  • Create an account on the PHRANC website. 

  • PHRANC will approve your account. Direct questions about your membership to Mia Harris.

Membership fees are $40 per year at the next conference.
Membership runs annually from Fall Conference to Fall Conference.
All members receive discounts for training conferences.