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Who We Are

Welcome to the Professional Housing Rehabilitation Association of North Carolina's (PHRANC) website. PHRANC is a non-profit organization for those interested in improving housing conditions in North Carolina. Membership is for housing professionals who share this goal and enjoy sharing their valuable experiences with others.

PHRANC provides training and networking opportunities for those new to the field as well as seasoned veterans. Training program topics are driven by the needs of the membership and by current U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) initiatives.

A Homogenous Program

Since PHRANC's inception, the N.C. office of HUD and the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA), and the North Carolina Division of Community Assistance (DCA) have been supportive, both financially and philosophically.

HUD, NCHFA, and DCA see the value of having a housing program that is more homogenous statewide. This way, best practices are spread over all of North Carolina. We hope you will visit us often.

PHRANC Mission Statement

Our mission is to

  • Provide opportunities for professional development through training, education, networking, and technical assistance to rehabilitation specialists responsible for the delivery of housing rehabilitation and conservation services to benefit low and moderate-income persons in North Carolina

  • Enhance awareness and understanding at the municipal and public levels of the roles and responsibilities of the housing rehabilitation specialist.

Why Join PHRANC?

PHRANC is the medium for CD Rehab Specialist development, a platform for advocacy, and the pioneer resource for the industry’s intelligence. PHRANC membership provides access to information and benefits not available elsewhere.


Expose Your CD Workplace to Potential Clients

PHRANC members can enhance their presence on PHRANC.us using a descriptive transcript that describes how your office can attain and assist homeowners by providing space for you to show off your work with a photo. In addition, PHRANC’s blog channel can provide in-depth rehab focused information to the rehab specialist, directing them to information that has not been yet shared.

PHRANC’s nationwide public relations efforts garner many members making PHRANC the go-to resource for rehab specialists looking for rehab experts.

Protecting Your Professional Rights

Influence policy in Washington, D.C. to advance and protect the rehabbing and energy conservation industries. Through PHRANC’s respected and attentive lobbying presence throughout the state and in Washington, D. C., the association is protecting your offices from having to operate in a climate filled with arduous principles and decree. PHRANC has historically supported the interests of the rehab and energy conservation industries.

PHRANC has been instrumental in offering training in furthering the EPA and The North Carolina Health Hazard Control Unit’s Renovate, Repair, & Paint lead rules and regulations. PHRANC is currently arguing for non-tax claims on remodeling products for consumers—another direct, favorable impact on your contractors.

If your office cannot support a professional non-profit association that serves your interests through promoting, then housing rehab productiveness is at risk. Regulation and legislation impacting the rehab community will then be determined by opposing better-organized interests or uninformed controllers. Protection of your professional rights is a compelling reason to join PHRANC and to remain a PHRANC member.

Provide Certification Training to Your Rehab Specialists and Project Administrators

PHRANC has ten certification modules that cover everything from all sections of the NC Building and Energy Codes and cost estimating and building science accreditations. Take advantage of specific training and education opportunities for your Rehab Specialist and other employees, which will improve your CD productivity and efficiency. PHRANC certified rehab and master certification programs are developed by the top of line industry consultants and rehab professionals. Training programs are developed to optimize business results, foster networking, and for sharing information.

Strengthen Your Processes

The amount of information available about Housing Rehab can be overwhelming. PHRANC views its role as a content curator, sharing only the best tools and tips provided by professionals and recognized training consultants. All members receive PHRANC TALK “II,” an e-newsletter providing information on business best practices, from human resource issues to government marketing. PHRANC keeps members current with up-to-date government affairs, activities, and priorities.

Become a Part of a Recognized Professional Community

The rehab industry is very fragmented across the United States, with offices and individuals who commit to underdeveloped work practices. North Carolina is not invincible from these matters. Be part of a group of elite professionals and support the rehabbing community causeway. PHRANC members voluntarily subscribe to a code of ethics and standards of practice and are committed to professional excellence and integrity. Join a network of professional colleagues who are willing to share best practices and who are committed to high standards.

PHRANC research determined that PHRANC member organizations:

  • Perform superior initial and interim inspections

  • Compile comprehensive specifications with no gray areas

  • Generate more completed work according to procedures

  • Create more projects per employee

  • Have fewer warranty issues on finalized jobs

  • Show a reduction in job time spent per visit

Improve Your Marketing Advantage Using PHRANC Tools

PHRANC members are provided a full arsenal of tools to use to reach the consumer. Informational PowerPoints are used to share our expertise with local community groups, such as your county board of commissioners or the local library. PHRANC wants its members to be viewed as an expert in their field by the consumer community. Improve your marketing advantage using PHRANC Tools

PHRANC’s Cal’s Cairn Award program provides a yearly award-winner with additional training reach, specialized recognition, and news releases to help winners tout their accomplishments.

The benefits of the association accrue not only to its members but also to the general public at large through the enhanced economic and social benefits derived from a viable housing rehab industry. Through its programs and activities, the association encourages industry professionalism, provides a forum to consolidate business views, and serves as a proactive advocate for the housing rehab industry.

PHRANC plays a key role in maintaining consistently higher industry principles of conduct, quality, and ethics. Membership in PHRANC helps develop collective opinions… to effect change in N.C. and Congress. If you are a rehab specialist or a CD director, the representation you receive from The Professional Housing Rehabilitation Association of North Carolina through its affiliation is vital to your interests, your needs, and your survival in your community development projects.

Your invaluable networking opportunities with more than 200 members from all areas of the state and beyond state lines. Join a committee or become a board member. Attend membership meetings. Teach a class. Work on a community sponsorship project. New contacts and professional recognition come easy when you are involved!

Also, PHRANC’s Rehab networking opportunities help you gauge how your office is doing compared to the rest of the state in terms of platforms generated and projects successfully closed.

PHRANC’s keen focus helps battle excessive regulations and defends affordable housing and energy conservation initiatives on Capitol Hill, your state, and in your community. Members are kept informed on what to expect and how to be part of the solution. PHRANC leverages its members' power in local governments and across the state to effectively lobby on our behalf.

Members have access to PHRANC’s team of expert advisors, consultants, and regulatory and technical training specialists. Access to the members-only sections of the website gives you immediate news and analysis.

Valuable member discounts on training and PHRANC gear, to name just a few.

Many educational programs are available through conferences, certification, and webinars. Members enjoy the nation’s leading source and Pioneer for Housing Rehabilitation information through e-newsletters, online publications, exclusive website content, bulletins, and special reports on everything from economics to codes, standards, and beyond.

To maximize your CD's success, it is essential to provide your employees with opportunities to develop their roles as leaders, managers, and skilled workers. Through ongoing training, you can help them improve their communication, facilitation, and decision-making skills, which helps improve their job performances, advance their careers and improve your firm's overall performance.

After completing PHRANC’s Certification program, a rehab specialist should approach their work while exhibiting a more focused, confident, and competent approach in the fundamental areas of their office and field duties.

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